“We partnered with Alpha LPO to take on various compliance services for us.  Alpha LPO surpasses within every aspect of services that they provide. The employee’s I have worked with have been reliable with correspondence and keeping us updated throughout all of their provided services. Not only is Alpha LPO constantly evolving with the industry, but also, they succeed in developing your company in a way you may have not been able to envision.”

“After realizing our projects were falling off the radar, we reached out to Alpha for project management help. They’ve been a game changer. Our projects are now running more smooth, on time and our employees now have a better understanding of  their roles and expectations.  We will be using them for additional services in the future.” – H. Phillips
“We’ve been working with Alpha LPO for contract template drafting. They have been amazing! All I had to do what send them our template versions (they were a MESS). They took complete charge of the project, while keeping me informed through the entire project. I didn’t even have to ask for an update!  The end result was more than we expected. Everything was sent in a clean, usable fashion. We will be having Alpha LPO review our template library every couple of years. Great service and friendly, educated staff!” – M. Bacorn
“Alpha assists our company with numerous services within the legal and compliance world. Their work product is always above and beyond our expectations. We’ve gotten to know them well, especially the resources onsite, and really enjoy the time spent working with them.” – D. Rosser
“I’ve worked with a few different ALSPs. My experience working with Alpha LPO has been the best. They’re excellent collaborators that produce quality results.  You’re not a number to them. They spent a lot of time understanding our business.” – M. Palermo
“We were working with another LPO. The service was good but I found myself always having to check up on projects and tasks which occupied a lot of my time. After some frustrations, I looked elsewhere. I was introduced to Alpha LPO and had some initial discussions. The very first thing the CEO told me was that it’s their job to remind me of outstanding items, not the other way around. I instantly knew I found what I was looking for! Today, we partner with Alpha for contract review services, template libraries, policy drafting, IP services, compliance services, project management, process creation and entity management. Their database and reporting are in real time which are accessible by our internal team. When we first kicked off with Alpha, they spent their own time and money understanding our business model, current state and where we wanted to go. With Alpha’s help, we’re getting where we want to be! They have met every deadline and are always available, even after hours. I can call the CEO at 8pm and he answers. I can’t say enough good things about their service!  Thank you for everything you do for us!”


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